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A supplement for stressed whelping females and for producing milk of optimum pH for the puppies

Pregnancy and nursing the puppies adds up to the stress endured by whelping females. To enable such females to handle the task efficiently, a wise owner should supplement Whelpera™ to protect the females’ and the puppies’ health. Whelpera™aids females in producing clean and healthy quantities of non-acidic milk after whelping and can result in less restlessness in female dogs.


During whelping and nursing, the pet may not be her usual self. She may be very restless, nervous or uncomfortable.

One of the most critical needs of a lactating female is the ability to regulate the deposition and mobilization of calcium for milk production.Giving her nutritionals composed of calcium may not be helpful unless there is proper regulation and mobilization of calcium. Whelpera™ is a nutritional composition, which helps combat the loss of pups during the first few critical days after whelping by correcting the poisonous acidity or lack of milk in addition to overcoming the ill-effects of stress.

If whelping is slowed down, infection of the uterus is more likely to occur, increasing the risk of still-births and weak puppies. Scientifically-formulated nutritionals can help to combat many problems both during and after whelping, including but not limited to:

  • Prolonged whelping
  • Eclampsia
  • Mastitis
  • Metritis
  • Puppy mortality (fading puppy syndrome)
  • Bacterial diseases

Giving appropriate nutritional support to whelping females at the right time is ideal whelping practice. An ideal nutritional support with correct whelping management can give encouraging outcomes like:

  • Less restless (or excitable) female dogs
  • Less chances of infections and diseases
  • Better outcome of strong and viable puppies
  • More rapid whelping
  • Rapid uterine recovery after whelping